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Where is Love First being used?

Love First was introduced in 2016 by Colette Potts, Director of Children’s Ministries at Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church in Falmouth, Massachusetts. As the children’s program at Saint Barnabas continues to grow, Love First continues to develop, not only for Saint Barnabas, but for other interested parishes across the nation. In the fall of 2018, five churches across the nation began using the Love First curriculum designed and developed by Potts. The hope is to learn about Love First’s viability and transferability so any interested parish can use the materials and ideas to kick-start Love First in their parish. We hope to have resources widely available by late-spring or early-summer of 2019.

Have you read the book and started implementing parts of Love First principles in your parish? Let us know! #lovefirstproject

Can I purchase your curriculum?

Soon, we think! We’ve given The Love First Collection to our 5 pilot sites to see how lessons that have succeeded at Saint Barnabas can work – or be adapted – for other communities. The Collection includes one year of lesson plans for 3 age groups: pre-reader/writer, emerging reader/writer, and reader/writer. (We’ve also started Love First for youth, too!). The Collection will be available in late-spring or early-summer of 2019 to get parishes started implementing Love First in the fall of 2019.

Will Love First still work for our small children's program?

The wager of Love First is that the experience of God is authentic in your community. If you have love, then Love First will work. You need only find the ways that people know how to love and need to be loved, and you will find that it can’t help but spread. Having a small children’s program doesn’t mean Love First won’t work; it means it will work differently. With fewer children, you have the capacity to do things that larger programs simply can’t. Start thinking outside the box about how your small group can bring love to others in your community. And if you need help brainstorming, let us know!

I'm in! What can I do to ready my parish?

Even if you’re not ready to implement the entire Love First model, there are things you can do immediately. Start meeting with other committees that do outreach and find the places where your ministries overlap (i.e., you should always be looking for ways children can work with others in your church community). And then start talking about love — a lot!

Love First can easily be done on a shoestring budget (which is why we created it!), but if your church needs more guidance and assistance, start talking to your rector or vestry about investing in your children’s ministry in 2019. A little bit of consultation and guidance will go a long way to rejuvenating your children’s ministry and making your parish’s gifts come alive — and we want to help you do it!

We've read the book, but we need a bit more direction and resources to get going. Can you help?

Yes! We are currently developing consultation packages for parishes who want more assistance and guidance to rethink their children’s ministry. Packages will include video conferencing, teaching resources, and access to project boards that will fit your budget and gifts. A site visit can also be included, if that’s what your parish needs. We can’t wait to work together!

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