Implementing Love First

Struggling to offer a children’s program that resonates with young families?

Finding it difficult to recruit teachers and volunteers for your children’s program?

Want a children’s ministry that is grounded in Christ’s foundational teachings and relevant to the experiences of children today?

What best describes where you are in the process?

Help! I've read the book and need help implementing it on my own.

Great, we’re here to help!

Please apply to be one of our pilot sites for the 2019-2020 school year. As part of the Love First Pilot Project you will receive:

  • The Love First Collection, which is one year of plans for three age groups (pre-reader, emerging reader, and reader). You’ll have approximately 85 lessons to use next year in whatever way works best for your children’s ministry.
  • Access to Love First premium Pinterest boards
  • A set of 3 Love First Bible storyboards that complement our lesson plans.
  • Three 1-hour video calls with Colette Potts to get you started, plus ongoing email communication as needed throughout the year.
I'm good! I've read the book and have already started implementing Love First in my parish.

That’s awesome! Share your ideas with us! We’d love to see how we’ve inspired you in your home parish, and share with others.

If you need additional resources, like Love First Bible story boards, or assistance with children’s services, please let us know. We’re here to help!  We have a listing of our resources here.  Please take a look.

Have an idea for how Love First can be used in your church?

Please contact us. We would love to share in your ideas.
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