Implementing Love First

Do you feel stuck with your current
curriculum options?
Are you looking for ways to connect children to parishioners of other generations?
Do families in your parish need help raising
loving and compassionate children?
Are teachers looking for more meaningful ways to connect with children?

Good news. We can help!

I'm Curious!

If you’ve heard about Love First, but haven’t read the book yet, please do! It includes steps to rethinking your children’s ministry and will help you identify your parish’s gifts. You can get started – right away! – on incorporating some of the basic principles of Love First into the life of your parish.

I'm All In!

So you’ve read the book and want to be an official Love First site?

We want to help!

For the 2019-2020 school year, we will be working exclusively with churches in the Diocese of Massachusetts for our 2nd pilot project: The Love First Leadership Program  If your parish would like to apply to be part of this program and become an official Love First site, please submit this application by February 15th.

If you are outside the Diocese of Massachusetts, please let us know if you’re interested in learning more. We are constantly developing Love First and look forward to when it is widely available. Be sure to join our mailing list,  like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram; to learn more about Love First, what you can do now to start implementation, and when it will be available outside the Diocese of Massachusetts.

I'm Inspired!

You’ve read the book and you’re ready to adopt some of the principles of Love First. As a Love First-inspired site, please share your ideas with us! We love to highlight the ways Love First is changing the way parishes think about their children’s ministry.

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