Our Calendar

Each parish structures their Sunday school year differently depending on the needs of the ministry, children and volunteers. After some trial and error, we’ve found that this calendar works quite well for us. We like to incorporate the holidays that children are familiar with (like Thanksgiving, for example) in a way that shows them that these holidays need not be separate from their religion or faith, but very much connected. As much as possible we like to show children that church, religion, faith and God don’t only happen on Sunday morning.

Love Self 4Thanksgiving 1Advent 1Love Neighbor 1
Love Self 1Love Self 5Thanksgiving 2Advent 2MLK
Love Self 2Preparation for Love Self
children's service
Thanksgiving 3Advent 3Love Neighbor 2
Love Self 3Love Self
Children's Service
Thanksgiving breakAdvent 4Love Neighbor 3
Love Neighbor 5Lent 1Easter children's serviceLove God 3Preparation for Love God children's service
Love Neighbor 6Lent 2Love God 1Love God 4Final children's service
Preparation for Love
Neighbor children's service
Lent 3Earth DayLove God 5
Love Neighbor children's serviceLent 4Love God 2Love God 6

Our calendar needs to be adjusted from year to year depending on the liturgical calendar, school calendars, and the parish community calendar. Some years the calendar feels smooth and sensible — and other years we just have to roll with it. The important thing is to have regular children’s services throughout the year because they can be one of the most important ways that parishioners learn what children are doing in Sunday school. The regularity also gets children used to these services, too (which can take a little while).

As long as you have a service that is authentic to your community and that it’s built around this idea that children are ministers, you’re doing it!

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